I love art & creativity! I enjoy making it, viewing it, talking and reading about it and sharing processes on how to do it! It's part of my DNA. If I couldn't do any of that, my mind would still race with creative ideas no matter who benefited.

I would liken my particular form of expression to the genre labeled "abstract expressionism." A term first used to describe works by painters like Wassily Kandinksy, a painter active in the early 1900's. As you view my work it is obvious that no matter how small, thin, thick, long or short the lines and brush strokes are, there is a certain energy that flows through each piece. I see my process as if it were a symphony with various instrumental voices collaborating to provide a piece which touches souls. I like combining some or all the elements of design and composition, the lines, shapes, edges, color, value and texture to form visual creations that can strike that chord inside which can move the viewer to a joyful realization that is unexpected.

Beyond the creation aspect, I love to share my work with others and see their joy as they look at the colors, movement, texture and details of each jot and tittle used to express what I feel. I also enjoy hearing what they see in my work and the fact that different people see different things. Each piece can be viewed from a distance and enjoyed, but sometimes I include minute details that can only be seen up close. It is a continual process of discovery, that lends more fullness to each piece.