When I was a kid I loved comic books. Who didn't? For me it wasn't the story so much as the drawings that I would relish. The immensity and power the drawings exhibited through those superheroes was what it was all about! This began the formation of the emotional power I express today.

Then came the Golden Years of Advertising. It was the 1970's and graphic design and illustration for advertising were in their heyday. By far my most beloved illustrator who rose to the top of this profession was Bob Peak. He was considered by many to be the "Father of the Modern Movie Poster." More than anything I loved the fact that he was versatile in any medium and style. As you can tell in my work, I enjoy pushing the boundaries of style and expression. And this love of pushing the envelope came directly from his example. He, along with some of his top-notch illustrator and designer colleagues, produced amazing art for a multitude of publications and galleries. I still have a collection of magazine covers from that time period which I would peruse for hours soaking in the texture, form and outstanding quality inherent in their work.

Though I wasn't too much into art history during my college years, I was spellbound when I first saw Brancusi's "Bird in Space." Then there was the introduction to Alphonse Mucha. Oh my goodness! He was an absolutely amazing artist, way ahead of his time. Both of these artists' work helped me form the basis for my own artistic style.

All that input rounded out my "initial" exposure and love of artistic expression. And in my creative nature I see no division between "fine" and "commercial" art. There may be different levels, quality and genres, but no matter how it is used or paid for it is still 'ART' created to be enjoyed and shared by all.