During the fall of 2018, I was faced with a health issue which changed my life, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Depression and anxiety are among the variety of symptoms, which there are upwards of 20. These were part of my experience so in my creative life I was looking for something different to help address those two. I had never done a series before. Nor had I worked in a limited palette and limited myself to one or two 'brushes'. So I decided to combine all that into what I now call "September Surprise." I hope you enjoy the effort. It was quite uplifting for me and I love the motion of the brush work along with the play of the values of black and white against the stark red background.


As demonstrated in most of my work, you can see the use of broad strokes and vibrant colors. This series was a venture into another area I typically don't go. Subdued colors using brushes I wouldn't ordinarily use. This short series was created for those who enjoy the repetition of a subtle graphic statement with little change to the colors but the background.